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Upgrade your apartment, take the smarts with you when you move!




From light bulbs to smart LED strips, inside or out!

Control them as you always have with a light switch, or use a smart phone. You can even automate the lights with motion sensors or control them with your voice. With modern smart lighting the choice is yours. Have the lights turn on when you arrive and turn off when you leave. Convenience and energy savings are at your fingertips when you upgrade your lighting.


Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere.

Give a friend or family member access for a while or just for now. You can set temporary codes for certain people or add your whole household so everyone has access. With smart door locks you are aware of who comes and goes. Get instant notifications to your device when a door unlocks. Lock a door from afar if you've left home and forgot. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade your locks. 


Smart Home Cameras

Keep an eye on what matters. 

Check in on your pets or record motion on your patio. Indoor and outdoor security cameras are a smart choice for anyone upgrading their apartment. With motion sensing, night vision and floodlights available, the outdoor cameras can keep you safe night and day. An indoor camera can alert you when 

maintenance enters your home or if your furry friend is up to no good. 

Whole Home Audio

Time to party? Smart speakers make the perfect D.J. 

Connected speakers allow you to play your favorite tunes in any room, or everywhere at once. You could listen to smooth jazz in the family room and rock out in the bedroom. Smart speakers also give you the ability to run your entire home with simple voice commands. Just say "Dim the lights" or "Lock the door". 

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